The Coachella Dream

Now that it’s the Coachella season, plus two of my favorite duos (Honne and Oh Wonder) are playing, I can’t help but relive my first-ever Wanderland experience (Coachella Pinoy Edition).

Wanderland may not even closely resemble to the massive, star-studded Coachella festivity, although the concept of bringing together music and fashion is similar. Who wouldn’t love to be part of a 101% eargasmic event while feasting their eyes on fashion, ei?

So here I am again, my dormant blogger dream has awakened ~ and I am now dreaming and hoping I could miraculously get an extra $2,000 cash (or more *for the tickets plus camping alone*) to splurge and still have food to eat and house to rest after the event.

I really, really want to go there someday… the ambivalent feeling of drowning and floating at the same time to the sound of music!


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But of course, I’d be glad to meet my idols too like the cast of Riverdale, who has been feeding my IG stories of their Coachella trip; jam and greet with my favorite artists (as mentioned earlier Honne and Oh Wonder, and so many many more); and get some autograph from the oh-so-long list of celebrity attendees like The Weeknd, Selena Gomez, and The Jenners. *Giggling*

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I’d like to tag my ultimate cheat sheet David also! He’s best in memorizing those Hollywood faces. Believe me, three things I’m totally bad at: names, faces, and lyrics. And hellooooo… who doesn’t want to share this rare, special, and (not to mention) expensive  music + fashion deal with the love of their life? (Cheesy but true, really :p)

Gahhh! Missing Wanderland now, and I hope we could fly back there next year. *Starts saving Php 600 a month*

For the meantime, here’s our unprofessional (a fair warning) vlog to rekindle the moment:


And here are some photos taken from our iPhones.

And oh, we’ve met some of the band members too. Planning to write a blog on how we made that possible!




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