Baguio City: My Six-Stop Short Trip

Hello everyone! Been busy these past few weeks, contemplating whether I should continue or stop this blog. Again, I’m discouraged because I still can’t find something unique to say, and at times, I want to detox myself from social media. Anyhow, since I’m here now… Perhaps, I want to tell myself AGAIN to never give up on the things I love despite how hard it is. Right?

Anyway, the year is about to end. I started this blog a little bit late and I haven’t really shared my adventures (not that I have much to say).

Allow me to take you to my Byaheng Ilocos Norte Trip last August.

Ilocos is no stranger to many, thanks to CebPac’s nearly omniscient routes around PH. But for hardcore, adventure thirsty lovers (not really, I’m a couch potato sometimes) like me, I chose the hard way ~ the 12-hour land trip. (Take note: 12 hours do not count the traffic, pee breaks, food breaks, stretch break, or any can-you-please-just-stop-the-van-i-need-a-break break.)

And since I mentioned the word “hardcore” earlier, my Ilocos trip came with an extra side dish (not your typical along-the-way side trip). Well, I spent a day (or three-fourths) in Baguio City (I wanted to feel for myself if it was really cold in there. Bahaha.)


I arrived in Manila past noon and had a quick mall tour at MOA. Notice that I said “quick,” that’s because I don’t want to spend any money. I literally had to deal with the agony of turning my back on those “50% Off Sale” placards  (Urgh!).

Going back, I met with my colleagues, who I cannot name. We were supposed to leave by 9 p.m. but guardian gave us a big “NO” and said it was too dangerous. So we left by 1 a.m. instead and headed off to the Summer Capital of the PH.

We arrived on a very cold, not totally freezing 4 a.m. Baguio weather. We strolled along the Burham Park and rode on those famous small boats on the pond [?] (not sure if that was really a huge pond or a small river). Since this is not a part of our original itinerary, we really have no idea where to go and where to eat.

We also went strawberry picking at the Strawberry Farm. Oh yeah! But I wouldn’t totally call that strawberry picking  bc there were no strawberries in the first place. But hey! I got this nice photo of me from the garden though.


Next stop is Camp John Hay (if you’re a fan of Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil, this was featured on one of their i-forgot-the-name TV series). Memorable part… hmm… aside from the quick tour on the American house, perhaps it’s the pet’s cemetery where you get to mentally bury all your negativity, hatred… all the bad traits in short.


Fourth stop is the famous Mines View Park. This is where you get to see and ride those pink-colored horses; take photos with huge dogs wearing shades; buy cacti and succulents; dress up an Ifugao costume; and a whole lot more. It was just a quick tour for us since rain started to pour.

And our last but not the least destination was at the Good Shepherd. Don’t dare miss their strawberry (Php 110.00) and ube jams (Php 200.00). Tip: Strawberry jam is best paired with butter on a toasted bread (naaam!), while the ube jam will take your halo halo to the next extra special level.

Ohh! BTW, we also had a five-minute stop at the White Mansion. (Haha!)

So that was basically how my six-stop Baguio tour ended. Not bad for a side trip ei?

*Left Baguio at around 3 p.m.*