#SHEIsgettingmarried: My Sister’s Bridal Shower

I may have never grasp how old I am until we hosted my cousin’s bridal shower last weekend. Sheperd is a year younger than me, and I treat her just like a sister too.

I admit I cried the very moment she told me she was getting married. Now I know why mothers get teary-eyed when marriage topics are brought up.

Anyway, it was her best friend (her maid of honor Jenny) who initiated the party and I was her sort-of supposed-to-be right hand, but I wasn’t able to help a lot since I’m in Dumaguete and I only traveled to Cebu that same day. Tip: Spare at least a day to prepare. Do not procrastinate. Like I said earlier, I ended up from being useful to useless.

So, how did we (or she) pulled off the party?

  1. Theme. Believe me, Cebu is a pretty huge place already with so many choices at hand but finding the perfff place to host is a challenge. Tip: Decide on a theme first so you know what you are exactly looking for. 

As for us, we went for the white and gold look. Guests were asked to wear something white, and our decors and nearly everything we had had white-and-gold accents too.

Like this, a red velvet cupcake topped with a white icing and wrapped on a gold cup. PS Sorry for the crappy photo though.
Since we didn’t have the time to cut out letters, and it was impractical to buy at Php 30+ apiece, we used lipstick to write on the mirror. It’s kind-a sexy too.

2. Food. Since this was not a dinner party, finger foods saved our day. But really, you could just order anything on the restau. P.S. As a guest, you are obliged to give a contribution. No, the bride (or the groom) won’t shoulder the expenses, else it would seem like she just threw her own party.

3. Venue. We thought we rented out a private room at a Japanese restaurant called Dozo Izakaya. We even planned on playing some games, delivering some “speeches,” blah blah blah.. But when we went there to decorate, it wasn’t the close door room we imagined. Tip: Always do an ocular survey. With that, you could also get a mental picture on how to decorate the place.

Nevertheless, the place really did not matter at all, and kudos to Dozo’s DJ for his good taste of music and its photographer for capturing some nice, memorable shots. *impressive clap*

Jenny, my sister Crystal, and me clearly enjoying the music.

We really thought it was a failed event but hey it was actually very fun. We laughed, danced, exchanged some chitchats, and even played some games! In fact, we even started planning what her baby shower would soon be (haha!).

It was a success because everyone came for the same ultimate reason. Tip: May sound mean but invite non-KJ people who’s ready to deal with a possible icing war.

The party was a unique one too as it ended up like a bridal shower slash bachelor’s party since some of my cousin’s boy friends (notice these are two words) and soon-to-be husband also came. Horraayy!


Credits to Dozo Izakaya for the photos 🙂




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