My Skittles

I used to be afraid of dogs, until I found the perf one. I bet some of you guys know how it feels to find the “right one,” right? 😀

As I said, I used to be afraid of dogs. How afraid? To give you a broad picture: Well, I could remember standing frozen somewhere because a dog was sniffing at me… or those times I ran around the house, doing a roll call of names to ask for help after our month-old pup tried to play with me… or that once instance when I cried my heart out after one of our dogs licked me. I know, I know, I’m such a scaredy cat (or dog).

But let me straighten things up: No, I don’t hate dogs, I adore them from afar and I love them from a distance. Perhaps those TV programs that show kids being chased by rabid ones caused some kind of trauma or irrational fear (to me).

But everything changed, in just a snap, like a blink of an eye, after my cutie patootie, apple of my eye, adorable baby Skittles (IG: @Skittlesthepup, in case you’re interested) popped into my life.

It has been nearly four years now since I took care of her, and no matter how dirty, silly, or naughty she gets, all I feel is love for her… prolly the kind of love your parents give you the first second you arrive into their lives (awwweeee).

Well, I decided to write about her after I saw a post on Facebook on how service dogs or even untrained dogs could impact someone’s life, particularly on children with disabilities. ( I couldn’t find the post, but I’ll update if I did.)

This piece is dedicated to my Skittles and to all the pooches in the world!

This is my dog story, what’s yours?

Name: Skittles

IG: Skittlesthepup

Birthdate: November 10, 2012

I asked her to smile for me, she gave me this. Totally adorbs!


My little lion in her cutest roar.

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