My Yet Another Blog

Yes, I am welcoming myself again to the wonderful world of blogging. “Again?” You read that right. People who are close to me know this is my hmm.. 2nd, 3rd, 4th… I lost count. Well, I actually started in college (nearly a decade agooo). And perhaps, if I have not been so lazy and shy enough, if I had just tinkered my brain a little more, who knows… I would have probably mastered (or learned a lot or a little) the art of blogging.

Am I too late bah? I hope not. A couple of blogs inspired me to try once again ~ to give my abstruse love for story telling, fashion, food, travel, and everything beyond an nth chance.

What convinced me this time? Hmm.. I was browsing through numerous  blogs this past week. And one lesson got stuck on my mind: Do not write to impress. Forget about the glitz and glamour, the grammar nazis, the likes, followers, stats, and page views… set all of these on the corner and focus on what you really want. Besides, these will follow eventually (granting there are people who will believe in you and what you can do. I have hope in humanity. awww)

So, I hope it’s never too late for the nth chance. And I hope I could really share something worth your time. Sooo excited. Til then!

P.S. I’m no pro in any of the aforementioned fields, but you can always hop on my journey. It would be great to hear from you all!



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